Facts and figures about SSF in 2014
  • Three townships are involved: Namakgale, Lulekani and Selwane.
  • 28 football clubs within the Sefapane Soccer Foundation.
  • Every football club has three teams of different age groups, under 13, under 15 and under 17. That means there are 81 football teams playing in SSF.
  • More than 1200 children are playing with SSF, and this number is still increasing.
  • More than 50 local volunteers are committed almost daily for the competition in South Africa.

The local organisation
Meet the local organisation

Elias Shai: "We consider participants in the Sefapane development league as winners of the future.”

Gideon Madunba: "Sefapane Soccer Foundation reached out to thousands of kids across Ba-Phalaborwa and is developing talents in the relevant field of soccer like players, coaches and referees.”

Moses Mametja, one of the players of the ‘Impala Warriors’: "Moses is the one who knows everything”.

The streams and their dreams
Phalaborwa is a town in the South African province of Limpopo. Phalaborwa has approximately 150,000 inhabitants and it its popular for tourists because of its entrance to the Kruger National Park. Additionally, Phalaborwa is also very lively with lots of jobs because of the mines in the city. Many minerals are found here in the land, with the largest export product being copper. Briefly, Phalaborwa is an area with a beautiful combination of industrial and residential opportunities and natural bush fields.

Namakgale is the biggest and most developed township 12 km outside of Phalaborwa with approximately 37,400 inhabitants. This township has one formalized soccer stadium. SSF is sponsoring 10 soccer clubs in this township, which means 30 teams in Namakgale.

Lulekani is a fast developing township 13 km outside of Phalaborwa with approximately 15,700 inhabitants. SSF is sponsoring 10 soccer clubs in this township, which means 30 teams in Lulekane.

Selwane is a township almost 50 km outside of Phalaborwa with approximately 14,800 inhabitants. This township is very underdeveloped and could use some more support. There are no formalized sporting facilities in the Selwane area except for poorly maintained and under-utilized soccer pitches. In 2015, 8 clubs in Selwane attended the Sefapane Soccer Foundation, which means 24 teams are playing in this township.