Mission and vision
Mission: To develop passion for football games as for life. We believe that every child should have a chance upon a good future. Through the power of soccer we create a safe place for children to sport, make friends, stay on the right track and encourage them to strive for a better future. With our program they get a structured life, learn about important values in life and we create inspiring role models that they can live up to.

Vision: To inspire as many people as we can to participate in our cause, to let as many children as possible play soccer in Phalaborwa. Although already 1200 children are playing soccer in the Sefapane Soccer League, we dream to reach many more of them.

The social aspects
Interviews with players, parents, coaches, mayor, police and others interested in Phalaborwa showed that SSF is a major contributor in keeping the straight path for the children. Children play five to six days a week with SSF. Hence, they are positively motivated for sport and have less or no time lift to be with crime or using drugs . In addition, sports also contributes to healthier children who will perform better at school.

SSF Future

Within the organization of SSF in Phalaborwa, there are three specific aims for the next few years:
  • Providing the coaches with official certificates.
  • The start of a women´s competition.
  • Connecting SSF with local sports clubs and schools.
For SSF in the Netherlands, the focus is no longer only on business sponsors but also on the enthusiasm of Dutch amateur football clubs to actively sponsor SSF.

Our objectives
Short-term goals:
  • In 2016 SSF will have at least three women´s teams.
  • All active teams of SSF will be provided with uniforms in 2016
  • Before the end of 2016, SSF has ensured that there are no more children who have to play their matches on bare feet.
  • Before the end of 2015, every coach will attend a coaching course and will receive an official certificate when the course has been finished successfully.

Long-term goals:
  • In 2016 Dutch soccer teams will sponsor the local soccer teams with second handed material.
  • In 2017, a women’s competition will start in one of the three mentioned townships.
  • In 2018, there will no longer be matches on clay. In each and every mentioned township an (artificial) grass field will be available for the matches.