Who are we?
The SSF is an independent non-profit organization, and we believe we can improve the lives of children in South-Africa with football. The current focus of the foundation is on children up to 17 years old living in the town and townships of Phalaborwa, South Africa.

The strength of our foundation lies in the fact that we do everything by ourselves. Where several people pick up most of the money needed in the Netherlands, in Africa, in collaboration with local residents, we focus on the people and the real possibilities of organizing the competition.

Our goal is to be with the children, parents and the community, and create a lasting impact in the lives of children in South Africa.

The SSF was founded in 2009. During the creation, we called the foundation Sefapane Soccer League. It was started by entrepreneurs Hans van Avendonk, Jos van den Broek of event agency Fijnevent and Joris Bertens, owner and operator of Sefapane Lodge in Phalaborwa (Limpopo).

It all started with the sponsorship of the team in 2007, but within two years, with the help of the Sefapane Community Development Fund, Sefapane football was born and ten teams played in two different townships around Phalaborwa.
The focus of the football league is to keep the children up to 17 years from the streets through football. SSF provides the teams with the necessary attributes such as soccer balls, shoes and uniforms. This was made possible with the help of ten enthusiastic companies that were willing to sponsor. Now, in 2014, most of these sponsors are still active. More and more companies are joining as a SSF-sponsor.

In 2011, SAFA (South African Football Association) showed interest in SSF, which in itself is a big compliment. SAFA decided to adopt the league of SSF and confirmed that the foundation had been well organized. For this reason, the founders changed the name of Sefapane Football League into Sefapane Soccer Foundation. From now on, our goal was to work on the competition itself and to change from organiser into supervisor.

Now, in 2015, there are over 1200 children actively playing football. This has been a great result. Nevertheless, we would like to grow due to inspiring volunteers and enthusiastic sponsors so we will be able to offer more and more children a better future by way of football!